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Put Sriracha On It


I decided to try a couple of things to kick off 2015. For one, I will be posting side project and side interest stuff to this page. Secondly I resurrected an idea I let die on the vine 5 years ago. I asked myself one day, if there is a food that Sriracha will not taste good with. The original idea was to journey to the ends of the earth to find the answer. I kept and renewed the domain names I bought at the time (Srirachablog.com and PutSrirachaOnIt.com) and have started the site finally however now it will be a little more than that. Put Sriracha On It will be a collage of Sriracha culture with sarcastic commentary to accompany it. Sriracha food-pairings will just be one aspect of it. I’ve got more ideas for this site in the bag but will begin unveiling them as I post new content.

It’s been a fun creative escape from advertising so far. Follow the Tumblr for some spicy-ass content.

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