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Rank Awareness

Internal Environmental Public Service

The Project Scope

Client: VML/WPP Internal
Responsibilities: Art direction, Design & Production

As part of an internal green-awareness campaign, we were challenged to think of a fun way to get people around the office to consider driving a little less aggressively to help save air quality and the environment.

Heavy-handed approaches to green-awareness have been met with skeptical and often snarky response. A funny tounge-in-cheek approach, we thought, would better grab attention.

RANK stands for: Rapid Acceleration Neck Kink. It’s a condition that affects a majority of the general population once or more in their lifetimes. No More RANK was an internal campaign attempting to change perception about the environmental impact of aggressive driving through tongue in cheek humor. A series of posters, postcards, table tents and a website were created with the help of a local photographer and talent who donated their time. The RANK campaign won silver at the local ADDY’s in 2008.

Visit NoMoreRank.com for more information.