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The Project Scope

Client: Dell
Responsibilities: Art Direction, Design, Animation, Team Lead

Dell wanted to talk to both kids and parents during the back to school season in a more friendly and socially engaging way.

Tumblr strategically seemed like the perfect place to reinforce Dell’s relevance and gain some social traction with teens.

We created hundreds of pieces of customized micro content for use on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. The hub for all, being dell.tumblr.com. The content was segmented into several different editorial types and then within those types, both static images and animated gifs. The gifs, we created and animated in-house. I lead a small rag-tag team of copywriters and art directors in the creation and production of the content, along with the creation and interation of many of the pieces myself. Overall, the outcome was well-received by both our trusting clients and the teens reblogging, retweet, and favoriting the content thousands of times across all social channels.

Here are a few of the gifs I had a hand creating: