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Chicken & Sailor


Chicken & Sailor is a web comic I’ve been working on for the past little while with Laurie Hollar, a copywriter at my current agency. It’s based on her two cats and their personalities. I agreed to do the illustrations for it as an attempt to kickstart some personal creative output outside the ad agency world and at first, it was tough to devote the time and effort. Gradually though, it’s brought me to a really good creative headspace.


It’s been about 4 years since I started living in New York City and the first few years I found myself in a kind of creative drought. I was unable to find a balance between work, life and outside creative ambitions. Getting settled in the city was one complication but finding the love of my life and recently getting engaged was another.


Now that I’ve done nearly 80 comic strips I’ve realized it’s been a great exercise in getting used to producing work again in my free time and forced me to figure out how to be disciplined &emdash; finding that balance of personal creativity. Follow ChickenandSailor.com for more.

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